Benefit from cash flow forecasting, learn from BASF

Cash flow forecasting, the key to manage expected liquidity and FX exposure.
Since the crisis of 2008, the difference between profit and cash has become even more evident. The merits of centralizing cash in an effective way are often underestimated. When cash flow planning is done with full support of the organization, the cost of capital can be reduced significantly.

How can this be done in the most effective way? We distinguish 3 aspects:
1. Technology
2. Buy in/support from Sr. Management
3. Project Management

Key note speaker: Mrs Radigk, Expert Cash Management BASF
We have invited one of our clients to share how the European Shared Service Centre of BASF in Berlin is managing this process. The following questions will be discussed:

1. How does the CFF process within BASF work?
2. The challenges of the implementations
3. Technology landscape (TRINITY for SAP)

Co-speaker: Philip Wielenga, certified treasurer
1. Quantify the benefits of the CFF process
2. Get cash flow forecasting on the agenda
3. A high level overview of the TRINITY TMS

Drinks & bites
For this seminar, the following applies:

Date: Thursday, Feb 2nd 2017
Time: 13:00-17:00

Price: Free of charge*
Location: Van der Valk Hotel, Haagse Schouwweg 14, Leiden


After the seminar, all participants are invited for drinks & bites.

*Please note that there are limited places available. Priority will be given to our relations working in corporate treasury.